Dalton and Sawyer on Active Duty

dalton sawyer active duty

Active Duty presents this hot hardcore fuck session featuring sexy recruits Dalton and Sawyer…I haven’t checked out much of this site but I can’t say no to a gorgeous bevy of hot military hunks-to-be, can you? Horse-hung Dalton was taking a nice refreshing shower when Sawyer showed up, who immediately got busy giving that big dick a nice tongue-bath. Soon Sawyer was bending over and taking it deep in his back door before the two decided to flip positions, with Dalton getting fucked hard in the ass making both these new recruits tops and bottoms, the fucked and the fuckers! These guys are in great shape and can’t keep their hands off each other, which makes for a super hot photo and video shoot.


Loren and Deo for Island Studs

island studs loren and deo

Deo was pretty cute but man that bird’s nest of a hairdo just had to go…luckily for the world, sexy hunk Loren completely agreed and offered to give Deo a haircut in this Island Studs update! They both lost their clothes just for fun, and Loren gave him a nice buzz with the clippers…I was glad to see that messy hair get chopped off but even happier to see these two hot guys hanging out in the nude! Especially Loren..mmm, that hairy chest and those beefy thighs just get the blood pumpin! Speaking of pumping, I’ll be back in about 5 minutes.

Wade Trent for Muscle Hunks

wade trent muscle hunks


I’d be a little worried that Wade Trent was getting ready to kick my ass, if I wasn’t so turned on! He has rock-hard abs and pecs that could punch you in the face, and when he strips down nude and lets his cock stand at attention he demands respect from head to toe. I’m a particular fan of the shots where Wade is sporting some camo pants that are falling down his thighs, his big throbbing manhood barely covered…with his shades and that beanie on and a tough-as-nails grimace, if Wade Trent says jump you say “how hard”! This update cums courtesy of Muscle Hunks, and this hottie certainly qualifies to be on there…from the looks of things he just got back from the gym and is all pumped up, ready to hit the showers and then the bedroom!