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Scott was nearing the very end of his time with the USMC and was staying at his friend’s house until his time was up…he didn’t mind that his friend videotaped him hanging out nude but made him promise that he’d wait til Scott was out of the Corps before submitting the photos and videos anywhere. Well, his friend was good to his word and waited, but now we get to check out this sexy beefy hunky dude showing off his great body on My Straight Buddy! Scott just can’t seem to keep his clothes on…he shaves nude, sleeps on the couch nude and of course showers nude and the cameras were apparently always running. Can you blame Scott’s buddy for capturing those sexy buns of his on film? I’m just surprised he didn’t keep the footage for himself!

Dalton and Sawyer on Active Duty

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Active Duty presents this hot hardcore fuck session featuring sexy recruits Dalton and Sawyer…I haven’t checked out much of this site but I can’t say no to a gorgeous bevy of hot military hunks-to-be, can you? Horse-hung Dalton was taking a nice refreshing shower when Sawyer showed up, who immediately got busy giving that big dick a nice tongue-bath. Soon Sawyer was bending over and taking it deep in his back door before the two decided to flip positions, with Dalton getting fucked hard in the ass making both these new recruits tops and bottoms, the fucked and the fuckers! These guys are in great shape and can’t keep their hands off each other, which makes for a super hot photo and video shoot.