Tea Room Fuck

next door buddies restroom fuck

Next Door Buddies brings you this hot photoshoot featuring two buds meeting up at the tea room for a little R&R! The cutie in the hat was just hanging out in the stall when the muscled tattoo hunk came walking by and they exchanged the old ‘grab-your-crotch’ signal. They had fun playing with the glory hole but when they realized nobody else was coming into the restroom they got down to business, losing their clothes and exchanging blowjobs before Muscles McGee bent over to get that sexy tight ass of his penetrated from behind!

Doing Hard Time

next door buddies jail time

It can be tough doing time in prison away from loved ones, but these two sexy hunks are making the best of it by heading into the same cell and letting their dicks take over! This hot photoshoot comes from Next Door Buddies and features two hot young muscle studs with plenty of tattoos and plenty of testosterone ready to release some of the tension of being on lockdown. They play with themselves and then each other, building up confidence until finally they just can’t take anymore and have to get their mouths on each others dick! It all ends up in a hot hardcore fuck right there on the prison bed, so hopefully the guards don’t show up for a few minutes to see what all the ruckus is about…at least they’ll have plenty to think about in solitary!

Massage hunks for Next Door Buddies

ndb nuru massage

I admit it, I had no idea what the hell Nuru Massage was until I saw this photoshoot from Next Door Buddies. Apparently it consists of a masseuse spreading a seaweed-based gel on himself and the person getting massaged and then performing a massage but instead of just using the hands he uses his entire nude body, rubbing all over every inch. As you can imagine this tends to end up in the people getting turned on and fucking, which I guess is a pretty big relaxing release too! This hot muscled hunk slides his body all over this lucky guy on an inflatable raft until they’re both rock hard, then bends him over to slide into his tight ass for this sexy hardcore fuck scene. I’d write more for this but I’ve gotta go volunteer to be a Nuru recipient for guys wanting to become professional massage therapists…better to get in early on the list, I always say!